Enigma Series

100% Real-time crypto module  ─
Enigma USB ciphering dongle series

Enigma I

The Enigma is a USB ciphering dongle that transparently encrypts data stored inside any USB drive. Simply insert the USB drive to the Enigma dongle then plug into a standard USB port. The drive appears in the computer in a few seconds and is ready for use just like any ordinary USB drive. All data written to the USB drive is automatically encrypted via the Enigma dongle with NIST/CSE certified AES ECB/CBC 256-bit strength. There is no software or driver to install and no password to remember. It also features the write-protect function.

Enigma II

The Enigma II can encrypt existing drive in place and safeguards data confidentiality over Data-In-Transit (DIT) or Data-In-Motion (DIM). It is capable of encrypting selective files and folders of any computer detectable storage devices including boot drive, external drive such as USB or 1394, network attached drive and virtual drives such as Windows OneDrive, Google's GoogleDrive and Macintoshi iCloud. It is equipped with 4GB internal memory for data storage.

Enigma 3.1 CloudKeyTM

A NIST/CSE certified hardware based cryptographic offload engine that deploys the latest USB 3.1 10Gbps speed with AES ECB or CBC 256-bit strength. The Enigma 3.1 CloudKeyTM allows user to encrypt data in place by selecting target file/folder on any host computer detectable storage drives, including those cloud drives. You own the physical key and no one else has it.


  • Achieved FIPS 140-2 Level 3


  • With NIST/CSE certified
    hardware AES ECB/CBC
    engine up to 256-bit strength


  • Showing off high performance
    without taking up CPU bandwidth
    and memory resources


  • Realize ”Real-Time
    encryption/decryption by
    embedded crypto module


  • Obtain US, Korea, Japan
    and Taiwan patents with
    the exclusive Real-Time
    hardware encryption

Enova builds robust secure cloud storage for you

  Support 2-factor authentication
  Send encrypted file/folder to any cloud
  Write-Protect feature - effectively rejects any virus, spyware or malware intrusion
  Secure Data-In-Motion and allow sharing of encrypted file/folder

Simple, user-friendly interface
Support Windows、Mac OS X

√  Advanced encryption made easy 

 Intuitive GUI without software download and installation

System support

√  Support Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Professional & Enterprise 32/64 bit versions

√  Support Mac OS X  El Capitan 10.11, macOS Sierra™ 10.12  (Optional)