Enova Technology and ASUSTeK Computer to Offer Reference Design for PC Products

Joint Solution Offers Real-Time Full Disk Encryption Technology on the ASUS Motherboard

RSA CONFERENCE – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – 23 APRIL, 2009 – Enova Technologies today unveiled a reference design that enables manufacturers to build PC products that are secure at the BIOS level. It combines Enova’s innovative X Wall MX hardware real-time AES cryptographic processor with a motherboard made by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), the world-largest motherboard maker, to provide real time, hardware encryption.

“We had always wanted more advanced features for our mother board products,” said Ray Lin, product marketing manager for ASUS. “Security is generating lots of interest and Enova’s X-Wall MX provides a perfect way to incorporate a high level of security that fits all technical and marketing requirements.”

The Enova X-Wall MX is a real-time cryptographic processor that combines with Enova’s authentication software over a BIOS to create a simple, pre-boot, password authenticated motherboard, which provides hardware-based, real-time data-at-rest encryption, and is suitable for any desktop or industrial computing requirement. The Data-At-Rest is AES up to 256-bit strength encrypted sector by sector so that there is absolutely no clear text left unprotected on the disk drive. Data loss is no longer a problem as long as the pre-boot password authentication is enabled.

“This partnership will give customers the best possible hardware encryption to protect their data,” said Enova Technology’s national sales manager, Tina Chen. “Our technology combined with the power of ASUS’ superior motherboard allows us to provide a ready to fit solution for PCs.”

Enova Technologies X-Wall Secure Product family

Enova’s patented X-Wall ASIC family has been engineered to encrypt/decrypt the entire hard disk bit-by-bit including the Boot Sector, Operating System, Temp and Swap files. Encryption/decryption operations occur in real-time to ensure zero performance degradation and total transparency to the end user. Enova’s encryption technology ensures multi-level privacy, confidentiality, authentication and authorization using industry standard proven algorithms such as the American NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified DES (Data Encryption Standard), TDES (Triple DES), and the Canadian AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)…

Enova’s X-Wall technology is completely independent of, and compatible with, all Operating Systems and functions with all ATA and SATA compliant disk drives. Backwards-compatibility with older drive protocols ensures all users are able to benefit from Enova’s solution. The performance optimized DES/TDES/AES hardware core engine performs all encryption and decryption operations while offering unprecedented throughput of 1.6 Gbit/sec or higher. As no software components or specialized device drivers are involved, processor cycle interrupts and memory overhead are completely eliminated.



About Enova Technology

Enova technology is an industry leader in researching and developing innovative and high performance hardware encryption solutions of data-at-rest. Enova’s goal is to become the long-term security partner and encryption technology supplier of choice, satisfying the needs of Corporations, Government Agencies, Consumers and security conscious users worldwide. Enova serves those who demand absolute privacy and confidentiality of stored data and wish to secure vulnerable highly valuable credentials. Enova will continue to specialize in the research and development of advanced real-time cryptographic technology for various data storage and archiving applications. For further information, please visit: www.enovatech.com­­